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Centerplate at Orange County Convention Center

Centerplates indoor Center To Table Gardens the largest indoor farm within a venue in the U.S. Growing approximately 60,000 plants annually and providing daily tours and education for the 2nd largest conventions center and at 72 million visitors in Florida 2017, #1 destination in the U.S 

Giants Stadium, San Francisco

The San Francisco Giants and Bon Appétit Management Company teamed up to bring Tower Garden to AT&T Park. Behind the centerfield wall, fresh produce grows in a 4,320 sq ft space aptly named “The Garden.” Fruits, vegetables, greens and flowers are harvested and fed to spectators the same day. But wait, there’s more!

Chicago Int'l Airport Terminal

An indoor farm located in the Rotunda between Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 of Chicago O’Hare International Airport grows fresh produce year-round for travelers from all over the world.

The Urban Garden can grow up to 1,100 plants at once.  Crops go to various in-airport restaurants, Wicker Park Sushi, Wolfgang Puck, and Tuscany Café.

LA Urban Farms

LA Urban Farms and Basil Girls have hacked farming on two continents and a dozen states nation wide.  Local farming can be simple with one tower or as plentiful as 1000!

Microsoft Commons Washington

The farm yields nearly 15,000 lbs. of produce annually. The tech company relies on sophisticated software to monitor and adjust each tower’s growing variables, temperature, pH, humidity, electricity, and lighting.

Proposed Jacob Javits Center NYC

USF has responded to a RFI  in partnership with Brad Smith Associates at 40,000+ sq ft roof top farm and venue. Growing approximately 100,000 plants annually in towers in two green houses.

About Us

Who is Urban Smart Farms

Integrated Indoor Urban Farm working with 

Strategic Partners to Hack Farming

What is Aeroponics

Hydroponics, growing vertically while you are aerating the nutrient rich water

Where Can You Farm

Every 2.5 ft, any climate, indoors or out and any place people need food!

Vertical Growing & Sustainability

Aeroponics Vertical Growing and Sustainability

With 7 billion  mouths to feed, human agricultural exerts a tremendous toll on the planet, from water draws pollution,  and from energy use to habitats loss.


  • Vertical aeroponic system utilizes up to 95% less water than traditional soil based agriculture.  
  • The farm eliminates point-source pollution by utilizing closed loop systems technology, recycling 100% of its nutrient rich water.
  • Ground water contamination is simply eliminated because no harmful chemicals to come in contact with the soil is removed.


  • Farms are capable of producing 10's of thousands living plants per week.  All of the produce is grown locally, without the need for diesel-based farm equipment and transportation to the processor, dramatically reducing the carbon footprint on each pound of produce.


  • Farms recycle 100% of nutrients and water, reducing tremendous waste in fertilizers and water.
  • Produce spoilage is eliminated with living produce, as plants are harvested with roots intact. Plants have extraordinary shelf life and no chemical gasses are used.
  • Vertical farms are able to grow on 1/2 acre equivalent to a 5 acre conventional farm.


  • Because a majority of the country's leafy greens, lettuces and herbs travel sometime thousands of miles, large amounts of diesel exhaust are created. Diesel emissions, which contribute to smog and poor air quality, are virtually eliminated with local food production.

RETAINED NUTRITION & micro-Nutrients:

  • Produce that needs to travel across oceans, across the country must be harvested early to sustain the processing, packaging and travel time, thus leaving the consumer with little to no nutrients left in our produce between early harvest and the natural process of dying after leaving nutrient rich soil.
  • Local growing eliminates and harvesting just days or hours before consumption enriches our micro needed bodies

4 Week Time-lapse

Tower Garden time lapse 


Centerplate’s Center To Table Garden


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